Our Expertise

We offer a broad range of consulting services covering research, writing and business communications.

Seminars are optimal for presenting complex ideas to audiences that allow for maximum engagement and interaction.

Webinars are an ideal choice for making the most out of a small budget.

Whether in-person or virtual, professional delivered presentations can be essential to a communications strategy.

Content Writing
  • Research Papers & Reports

  • Annual Reports

  • Conference Brochures

  • Executive Summaries

  • Literature Syntheses

  • Fact Sheets

  • Case Studies

  • Web Content

  • And more

Carbon Accounting

We have years of experience in Carbon Footprint research and communications on low-carbon economy issues.


We have authored a number of published reports on the carbon footprint of Wood and Concrete building materials.


Infographics are a highly effective communications product that allow for communicating complex ideas simply with a combination of graphics and text.

Infographics make your message pop in a way that captures attention far beyond traditional printed material.

We live in a world of Big Data, research can be a highly technical and time consuming endeavor.


Archan Consultants prides itself on producing clear and concise reports that get right to the heart of the issue.


We're very experienced in translating dense and technical subject matter into easily understood  reports and other communications materials.


Communications pieces together form communications packages, that carry a consistent message through social media, email, webinars, printed documents, and other media.

We deliver professional communications packages ready for implementation.

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